Bill And Ted Travelling Through Time

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Aug 10, 2014. Join us for a totally bodacious double bill journey through time, space and awesomeness with Bill S. Preston Esquire (Alex Winters) and Ted Theodore Logan (Keanu Reeves) as they travel through time saving the world with the likes of excellent historical figures like Socrates, Beethoven, Napoleon and.

Keanu Reeves has confirmed to MTV that Bill and Ted are heading back to the big-screen. It’s been 20 years since the dudes from San Dimas first travelled through time, but Reeves says a screenplay for the new film is nearly finished.

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Before you yell ‘Most Excellent’ there is still a few ‘bogus’ things to work through before the world’s most unlikely time.

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The "Matrix" actor starred alongside Alex Winter in the 1989 "Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure" about two bumbling teenagers who travel through time. "Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey" was released two years later. Both have long.

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Nov 17, 2017. *Some of us just have a lot of Bill and Ted questions, okay? Characters can change nothing: Single Continuum. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, it is revealed toward the end of the story that Hermione has been using a Time Turner, a magical device that allows her to travel back in time and.

Jun 6, 2013. Keanu Reeves takes up permanent residence in the stoner-flick Hall of Fame, although not even The Matrix or Point Break took him this far into the zone. As he and his buddy go traveling through time, the blankness all over his face made people marvel at his subtle acting. Maybe it wasn't acting? Whoa!

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Apr 22, 2016. Bill and Ted's has always incorporated technology into its theme, even if it was a bit science-fiction laden. For instance, the film centers on time travel. The first Bill & Ted's film, Excellent Adventure, features Bill and Ted traveling through time for their final history presentation. They learn that, far in the future,

Feb 15, 2014. Still, as often as you've traveled back in time and revisited the "Excellent Adventure," there's probably still plenty you don't know about the movie, including where it was filmed. To play Rufus, who travels back from the 27th century to guide Bill and Ted, the filmmakers initially thought of Sean Connery.

KEANU Reeves has confirmed to MTV that Bill and Ted are heading back to the big-screen. It has been 20 years since the dudes from San Dimas first travelled through time, but Reeves says a screenplay for the new film is nearly.

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Feb 16, 2010. We're told by physicists that travel back in time is probably impossible. But that hasn't stopped people from imagining time travel scenarios. Really, the science is besides the point: Time travel stories are actually parables of interdependence.

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Jun 9, 2016. When I was a kid I loved the movie for all of the normal reasons — it's hilarious, it's weird, it's a time-travel comedy. But as I got older I got a deeper appreciation for this movie, and I will do my best to explain the myriad reasons why this film is great herein. To understand Bill and Ted, you have to have a.

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there was “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” a sci-fi comedy about. film [that] brings something original about the two-dumb-guys-being-dumb genre: time travel.” The trailer also puts emphasis on the way the film portrays the gay panic.

Reeves and Alex Winter are hoping to reprise their roles as slackers Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan and Bill S Preston Esq in a third movie. The script – about the friends travelling through time in a bid to compose the greatest song ever written -.

Mar 3, 2017. There are strange things afoot at the Circle K in Casper wich means only one thing. It's time for a Bill and Ted's Excellent Wyoming Adventure. We are going to travel back in time and grab historical figures to show them present day Wyoming. What would Buffalo Bill think of his museum? Would Amelia.

Before you yell ‘Most Excellent’ there is still a few ‘bogus’ things to work through before the world’s most unlikely time travelers arrive in the 2000s. Keanu Reeves says the Bill & Ted 3 movie is nearly ready – but there are some big hurdles still in its way. The 52-year-old actor – who stars.

For related tropes, see Time Travel Tropes. A time travel story can simply use time travel as a vehicle to get the hero to the Adventure Towns, or the.

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Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a fun, brainless and entertaining comedy. The film surrounds two metalheads that happen to almost graduate, but unfortunately they.

Feb 18, 2014. 3. The filmmakers didn't give a sh*t about Doctor Who. The script was originally written with Bill and Ted time-traveling in a 1969 Chevy Van, but the filmmakers thought it would come off as a rip-off of Back To The Future. The van was switched out for a phone booth without concern that Doctor Who used a.

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NOTE: A big shout to @MTVMoviesBlog follower @antmaurizio for urging us to chat with Alex Winter about "Bill & Ted. who famously played the time-traveling Rufus. "We’re working our way through it right now," said Winter. "It’s really.

If there’s one thing the world needs, it’s another installment of the Melvin-ing adventurers Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan. This is empirically true and can be shown through science. but how will they travel in time in a.

Mar 5, 2014. Initially, Chris and Ed planned to write a sketch film, in which one sketch featured Bill and Ted bumbling through history accidentally causing just about “everything bad that had ever happened to mankind”; but Matheson Sr, who knew a thing or two about good sci-fi, suggested that the time travel plot could.

Feb 11, 2017. The original movie, “Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure” was a 1989 sci-fi comedy buddy film turned cult classic starring Reeves and Alex Winter as two slackers who travel through time to gather historical data for a high school project. The sequel, “Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey,” was released two years later.

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Mondo, in conjunction with Rusted Wave Records are proud to present the original soundtrack to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Originally released by. Jump in the phone booth and travel through time on a musical adventure with 10 of the most triumphant hard rock 80's glam tracks in history! The Mondo webstore.

It’s a bit strange to think that 25 years ago Keanu Reeves was time-traveling through a phone booth with George Carlin. But indeed it has been a quarter century since two party animals from San Dimas rounded up a bunch of historical.

Once again, strange things are afoot at the Circle K. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure slammed into our world in 1989 like a time-traveling telephone booth. Then in 1991 we got the stellar sequel, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. Now it really sounds like we will get a gnarly third Bill & Ted movie and we even know the title and the.

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Get your best Bill & Ted impressions ready because there’s movement on a third film. Seemingly not one to get our hopes up, star Keanu Reeves is diplomatic about their progress as he discusses reprising his totally awesome time.

Feb 10, 2017. The threequel has been rumoured to be in the works for years now, although Reeves – speaking on The Graham Norton Show – has confirmed that it is definitely in the pipeline. The first film, which starred Reeves and Alex Winter as metalhead slackers who travel through time, was released in 1989.

Jun 7, 2012. What's remarkable about Bogus Journey is how little it cribs from the first movie while retaining much of its essence. Rather than time travel, Bill and Ted's medium for adventure this time around is life and death itself, as the dumb duo find themselves on a trip through Heaven and Hell. While Bill and Ted's.

The “Matrix” actor starred alongside Alex Winter in the 1989 “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” about two bumbling teenagers who travel through time. “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey” was released two years later. Both have long.

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Directed by Stephen Herek. With Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, George Carlin, Terry Camilleri. Two seemingly dumb teens set off on a quest to prepare the ultimate historical presentation with the help of a time machine.

The Matrix actor starred as Ted alongside Alex Winter’s Bill in the 1989 Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure about two bumbling teenagers who travel through time. Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey was released two years later. Both have.

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Aug 10, 2016. I will never forget watching dinosaurs walk on Edinburgh Castle rock as a haunting soundtrack from Mogwai played – most excellent!. Deep Time – Following in the footsteps of Bill & Ted!. We journeyed 350 million years into the past with 27,000 other keen time travellers at 'Deep Time'. Deep Time.

Jan 25, 2018. There has long been talk of a sequel to the beloved Bill & Ted movies of the late ' 80s and early '90s. It's been 29 years since the original flick introduced the world to the pair of sweet but dimwitted time-traveling slackers who just happened to wind up becoming the saviors of the future and the universe, and.

We sailed away from the rat race: The magical adventures of one couple who turned their backs on work and spent 36 years travelling the world

For related tropes, see Time Travel Tropes. A time travel story can simply use time travel as a vehicle to get the hero to the Adventure Towns, or the.